A Few Words About

The Architect.

Architect & Founder

Justin Dhein

After earning my Master of Architecture from Arizona State University, I began my architectural journey in the unique landscapes of Scottsdale, Arizona. I further expanded my architectural horizons by living in Sydney, Australia and Buenos Aires, Argentina. These diverse cultural experiences broadened my understanding of architecture, infusing my designs with international influences and natural elements.

Today, as a member of the American Institute of Architects, I leverage my decade-long experience in architecture for each project I undertake. Having relocated to Bozeman, Montana, my work continues to evolve, now drawing inspiration from the region’s vast landscapes. My approach reflects a blend of my multifaceted background and steadfast commitment to design excellence.

Through the years I spent across the United States, South America, and Australia, I developed a personal style that is both unique and diverse.

I approach each project with a genuine curiosity for what the client wants and empower their individuality through the final design.
The following set of working principles drive every Studio Method project.

Design for personality and individuality to be expressed.

Combine quality design, materials, and assembly to elicit a visceral response.

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