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Life, Enjoyed Through Quality Design.

With over a decade of experience, our architectural designs are deeply influenced by the landscapes we have appreciated. From the mountains of Bozeman, to the deserts of Arizona, the landscape finds its way into our designs. These experiences shape our unique approach to creating thoughtful and stunning spaces that cater to the lifestyles of our clients. Based in Bozeman, Montana, our expertise breathes life into residential homes and boutique commercial buildings in the area. Our designs are not just structures, but spaces where people live their dreams, work passionately, and experience life.


Studio Method’s coherent philosophy and process
ensures a consistently high level of design quality.


VISION | Preliminary design concept development,
focusing on communication and collaboration to bring
your ideas to life.


PLANNING | Our project management planning covers
site preparation, permitting, bidding, and contractor
selection to reduce stress on the homeowner.


Construction | Progress monitoring, interior design,
and final preparations to exceed your expectations as
you move into your new home.

Architecture Visualization


We utilize modern visualization tools to transform your dream home from
concept to reality. Engaging with you throughout the process, we ensure that
each detail aligns perfectly with your vision, culminating in a home that truly
reflects your aspirations.

3D Modeling

This offers a virtual representation of your home, so you can see it from every angle and make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Virtual Reality

This provides an opportunity to experience your home in a simulated environment, giving a tangible sense of scale and space.

Augmented Reality

This enables an overlay of 3D models onto your existing property, giving you a clear view of how your new home would fit in.

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